Scruffy, Indie folk-rock from Transylvania

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See four Indie Folker videos included on the soundtrack of "Lie With Me"

I’ve stumbled across this song on Bandcamp while doing my usual scouting for new and interesting songs. I haven’t heard of Pigeon Pit before, but this song has something cool that makes you want to hit replay. Enjoy!  Read More →

Wow. This is what they call “a few chords and the truth” I guess. Classic spirit, modern times. Real folk music by the Levellers in the song “The Shame”. You just have to love these lyrics, powerful, from word to word. “How you’d like to help, but sadly you haven’t the time…”  Read More →

“One wing will never ever fly…” – Jeff Tweedy performing “One Wing” at Pickathon 2016.  Read More →

Eerie, intimate songwriting here by Lewis Capaldi. This rendition of “Lost On You” is as complete as it can be, the guitar playing, the decor – I can’t get enough. “Hope you’ll be safe in the arms of another, cause I can’t take the weight of your love” – n.i.c.e.!  Read More →

Talking about winter coming… Seafret – Oceans… and you might just recognize Game of Thrones star, Maisie Williams {Arya Stark}.  Read More →

“Summer’s gone and winter’s here…” sings Jim James in this gem of a song, “The World Is Falling Down”.  Read More →

It’s these moments in life that make it worth the while! ROCKADOWN #MoFo  Read More →

After all that over-processed noise-music out there, it is very refreshing to hear Ben Caplan in this intimate performane, Live in Bellwoods!  Read More →