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See four Indie Folker videos included on the soundtrack of "Lie With Me"

I have been invited by some friends who produce BalconyTV Cluj/Kolozsvar to perform for them. I really like these kinds of projects, I have been a fan of shows like BalconyTV and La Blogotheque for a long time. I’ve discovered many artist I currently still listen to that way. So yeah, it was great!  Read More →

Last year I’ve put a lot of effort into the song “The Eyes, The Beard, The Nose, The Stomach, The Lungs” to promote my “Monsters In The Christmas Album” and it was a success. I have a lot of views on that video. This year I thought about emphasizing another song from my Indie Christmas EP, the song “Is Christmas Time Just A Dream?”. Enjoy!  Read More →

I have been working on new material roughly for the past year – and as I got to publish my “Silver Screen” album, the record that contains 8 tracks from the feature film “Lie With Me”, I decided to start publishing songs from my upcoming “Nightfix” album as well. You cand find the first four songs below:  Read More →

I have wanted to publish this album for quite some time now. “Silver Screen” features songs included on the feature film “Lie With Me” by Jamison Brandi. Silver Screen by Indie Folker Feel free to download, share, burn or do whatever you want with this material. I highly encourage it! Just to get you back into perspective, I will post some footage from the film, that features some of these songs below.  Read More →

Best Indie Folk Albums Of 2012

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Last year I published a list of what I thought were the Best Indie Folk Albums of 2011. Seeing how people were keen to know more about this, I prepared a top 10 of my favorite indie folk albums from this year. Behold, my take on the best indie folk/alt-folk albums of 2012: 1. The Tallest Man On Earth – There’s No Leaving Now The Tallest Man On Earth became more melodic and a bit more produced with this record. There’s a lot less screaming and angry singing going on but those melodies... more

Two new videos from LIE WITH ME

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The producers of the film LIE WITH ME have been kind enough to send over two new videos from the film with my music in the background. As some of you might know already, 8 Indie Folker songs will be included in the OST of the film and I will be releasing an album with all of this music as soon as the film is out. “Be a Wolf” – a never before released track. “Silver Screen” – probably one of my top favorites from this bunch. …and the two songs I have already... more

I recorded Monsters in the Christmas Album almost two years ago now…. and as Christmas is almost upon us once again, I thought I’d start re-learning all those songs from the album to probably play live in the upcoming weeks… and publish the album once again for your holiday enjoyment. You can listen to/download the album on the Indie Folker music page. Here’s the video for “The Eyes, The Beard, The Nose, The Stomach, The Lungs” – my festive hit from two... more

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, there will be 8 Indie Folker songs appearing on the soundtrack of the soon to be released feature film LIE WITH ME. I already posted the video for the first musical moment from LIE WITH ME, now it’s time to reveal another such footage. This moment has a snippet of the song “Personal Disaster” which I’ve released on my “Monsters In Rome” album – with a different arrangement, at that point. All the songs from LIE... more