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Posted by admin On November - 26 - 2011

Before you ask, the “Monsters In The Christmas Album” campaign is going great this year! I have recorded this Christmas EP/album or whatever back in 2010, when I took part in the Hmtpng (read: hometaping) project. This meant, I had to record the entire thing in one month. It was a struggle, but I squeezed some decent songs out of that session, I think. The video for The Eyes, The Beard, The Nose, The Stomach, The Lungs is still my top viewed on my Youtube channel. So…all in all, I am still OK with having done that – so much so that I’ve re-released this digital indie Christmas EP again this year. And, know what? The response is even better than it was last year! And we’re not even in December yet. So that is very cool!

What else I’ve been doing, you ask?

Well, December brought forth an opportunity I have been long awaiting: my first gig in Budapest.

I really like playing in Hungary, I have played there a few times before, but I never got to play the Capital, so I am very glad that this is going to happen on the 14th.

As far as new music and new videos, I will have a whole bunch of stuff to share very very shortly! Here’s what I’ve been working on lately:

– My first collaboration with another singer/songwriter on a recorded track is complete! I’ve joined a friend of mine on one of his songs, and we will be recording a video and sharing this bi-languaged single in January (he sings his parts in Hungarian while my parts are in English… you’ll see, it’s fun 🙂 ).

– I have also finished recording all songs for the MUSICAL that I’ve been talking about since last year. I had some ideas in my head for a long time, but it is only now, in November 2011, that I finally managed to make time for it (thanks to Hmtpng, again). The piece will be presented on stage sometime in January/February 2012 and it will be in Romanian. But not on the album. That is in English. Kind of.

– Aaaaand… we are also working on a VIDEO for Why, the song that will be making all David Gray fans go !HAEY… Just kidding, it’s a great song – and it will probably make your jaws drop :P. Heh. I am working on this one with my band, and they will be in the video also, as you’ll see shortly (but not before next year!).

– Remember my first album? Monsters In Rome? Well, those monsters in Rome are going to have their own video very soon also. And not just any video! A good video! A goooood video. This, again, sooooooon.

Tataaa! And another blog post written! Now I can resume my duties as a musician.

I’ll write again!

Greetings, Friends!

P.S.: Keep spreading the word on my indie Christmas album, if you liked it! Please. It means a whole lot!

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