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Monsters In Rome now available on

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I am happy to announce that my album is now available for download at as well as all the other places you already knew it can be found (in case you forgot, right here on the site as well as on CdBaby).
Physical CD’s will be made available very shortly now, but I will be sponsoring an event first (where you will be able to win free signed copies), and I would hate to ruin it for those who wish to participate. All copies of this LIMITED EDITION release will be signed/autographed by the way – but if you wish to personalize them I will tell you how you can do that too. Very very shortly now. VERY shortly. So keep coming back here for that yummy info. 🙂

I am now on CdBaby

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If you head on over to the Modern Folk genre page at CdBaby, the very first thing you will see there is my album art at the new arrivals tab. This won’t be for very long though – it is however very comforting to have my album shoved into the faces of all those CdBaby visitors who like this genre of music – my album art will be displayed there for only 24 hours. After that it will slowly slip downwards on the New Arrivals tab. What this means is, after this had happened, it will be totally up to me to make it stand out of the clutter. Here’s how you can help me out:

Head on over to the Monsters In Rome album page at and submit a review of the album. Normally, this is only done by people who have already purchased the record, but anybody visiting my website has had the chance to listen to my entire album, not just song 15 second snippets (like on iTunes or most other digital outlets) so you are more than qualified to review it. I don’t necessarily want you to kiss my talent, it’s totally fine if you write hilariously bad things too – just say something.

I will let you know when the album reaches iTunes, it should happen withing the next 3 weeks or so.

BTW: Have you seen my new video? I’m performing a totally acoustic live version of Down Slow on YouTube. Check it out!

Afraid Not Scared Video

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Sooooo… as I was telling you in the Journal not so long ago, we were having a video mixing-slicing-and-mashing marathon to see what footage we’re going to use for the Afraid Not Scared video. I will continue to tell the story of that adventure in a post in the Mumbajamba Journal soon enough – in the meantime, enjoy:

(btw.: the video is also available on the Video Page of the Indie Folker website as well as on YouTube and Vimeo)

Monsters In Rome, free download

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Many of you haven’t realized that I am offering the Monsters In Rome song off the album for free. So you needn’t pay for it, you just leave your email address in return, so I can send you more goodies in the future. Access the music section of the site from the menu and click download next to the song. You can’t miss it.

Anyway, I just wanted to clear that up, as many of you haven’t realized it is a free song.

In other news, I will be delaying the video for Afraid Not Scared for now, as I think I’ve found just the right solution and want to get it really right this time. 🙂 Hopefully, it won’t take more than a few days to get things in order, so stay tuned for that, yep!