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Album available for digital download!

Posted by admin On May - 4 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

I am happy to announce that starting today anyone interested can purchase a digital copy of the “Monsters In Rome” album right here on the site! (ATTENTION: If you are browsing the site on a mobile system, you might want to try the mobile music page instead.) You can listen to any of the tracks, you can embed/share them in your own personal blog or website PLUS you can download the title track “Monsters In Rome” FOR FREE!

Does that sound cool, or what?

So head on over to the music section of the site, listen to the songs, buy the entire album or just the songs you like!

Share the album or just your favorite tracks on your blog, website, facebook page or whatever personal webspace you desire.

Also, the physical CD is going out to distribution very soon now, so be on the lookout for that! Once I get the CD’s pressed, the record will be available on iTunes as well.

Acoustic venues in London

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I will be spending two months in the UK this summer, touring and promoting my album, so I am on the lookout for some venues that host acoustic, indie folk gigs. Any information will be appreciated. I already have a few clubs written up, but it never hurts to know more about new places. I will most likely be teaming up with a few local singers/songwriters in that period (more precisely: somewhere between June and August) so I might even come home with some new material.
In the meantime, the mastering process for the album is almost done, I can’t wait to get that first batch of CD’s pressed and delivered. You can still sign up to the newsletter if you want first hand information on the release date. 🙂

Personal Disaster: live wine cellar video

Posted by admin On April - 26 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

As some of you might already know, we’ve recorded a live version of “Personal Disaster”. The song will be available on the “Monsters In Rome” record by Indie Folker. The record will be made available very very soon now. In the meantime, enjoy the end results:

Indie Folker – Personal Disaster – live from Indie Folker on Vimeo.

I’ve finished the record!

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Just wanted to let you know: I have finished the recording of the “Monsters In Rome” album today. “No Action” was the last recorded song, and I am glad to be done with it.
Mastering is up next – I will be pressing the first batch of physical CD’s soon after that.
I will also be recording a second video this weekend – basically a live version of “Personal Disaster”.