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About downloading songs for free

Posted by admin On April - 18 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

As some of you might have already noticed, the songs I currently have listed on the sidebar are available for free download. You needn’t subscribe to the newsletter, pay me or anything. This setup is temporary however, as I will get rid of the Download button as soon as the album comes out – I will still offer free songs to the subscribers of my newsletter however, so you might consider subscribing. Members will have access to other goodies as well you know!

Want to finance the release of my album?

Posted by admin On April - 17 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

Until now I only had a donation button on the right panel, but I was thinking of setting up a donation/sponsorship/whatever plan to let anyone interested finance the release in a more organized manner. I was thinking of something like buying shares or points or something, and when I release the record the “shareholder” would receive percent of the income.
Another idea was to make the record pre-orderable.
Any thoughts on the matter are welcome, so just let me know!

Pre-listen to the album!

Posted by admin On April - 10 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

I am looking for a few “volunteers” to give my album a pre-listen, and share their opinion on the songs, the recordings and the arrangements, etc. I am doing this because I’ve been cooked up in the studio with these songs for a very long time now, and I am totally deaf when it comes to making any more adjustments. I also need your opinions on the final track list (as not all songs are created equal, not all will make it).
Ok, now for some requirements: you need to be a huge music fan in general, and you especially need to like indie folk. I won’t be insulted by any opinion, I really want honest feedback.
I am sending out the CDs to a few of my musician friends later on this month, so if you would like to be one of the people to pre-listen, contact me and I will send you the un-mastered album, which you can keep.
FOR THIS, you will also receive a free copy of the album once the CDs arrive from the press, way before the actual release date.

So let me know.

Finally the truth… reloaded…

Posted by admin On April - 7 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

As it turns out, I have some bullshit legal things I need to take care of before I can release SOME of the songs that I intended on having on “Monsters In Rome”. What this means is: I will have to shorten the track list, so I am back at the mini-album concept again. I will most likely blog about this issue very soon, explaining what exactly happened, and why some mean man won’t let me publish MY OWN SONGS. Anyway, I will most likely beat any legal crap like this, and once I do, I promise, I’ll give you all of the songs for free! 🙂 Peace!