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Newlsetter now online and functional

Posted by admin On March - 19 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

The Newsletter that I’m so tediously promoting on every page of this site is now finally online and functional. I’ve chosen to use Google Groups as my instrument of choice after having some serious let-downs from the same service that Yahoo! offers.

So pleeeeease make sure to subscribe to the newsletter if you want to stay in touch, get first-hand info on latest news, unpublished material and whatever bonus goodies I can think of.

Blog Feed Fixed For Mobile Browsing

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I’d like to announce that starting today the posts from the Mumbajamba Journal should be appearing nicely in your mobile browsers. ┬áThis wasn’t possible before, because of some technical issues related to the design.

So from now, when you access from your mobile browser, you will have all the latest news on the front page, you will be able access all the pages of the site from the drop down menu, and amongst them you should find the Journal as well.

A Music section for Mobile will be added shortly.

Final stages before release

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As I’ve mentioned in the Journa-blog-thing, I am almost ready with the recording and mixing of my debut album. I have worked like an ass, and I can hardly wait to release my little baby into the big symbolic ocean of whatever. I still have some final touches to attend to before selling my soul to the devil… errr, bank… in order to pay for the extravaganza, but I am all over that.

In the meantime, I still have the entire site plastered with placeholder images from all over the web, I have to attend to those as well.

I’ve also booked a place where I can produce my first video recordings, so watch out for those very very soon.

I will leave you with all that for now.

I’m gonna tour! Yey!

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It looks like I am going to be appearing in some soon-to-be-added venues in Hungary, Italy and Finland. Watch this site for more news on that.