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The Webcomic is ONLINE :)

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Yep! We’ve named the character LISZTO (more about that on the “About” page of the Official Liszto Webcomic Website).

Episode 1: The Band

For the first episodes visit or follow the Liszto webcomic on Facebook.

Preparing For The Webcomic

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As I’ve probably mentioned this quite a lot, we will be launching a webcomic somewhere in March. Keep checking back here, follow the Indie Folker Facebook page or subscribe to the newsletter to keep up to date.


Old And New

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My ‘Monsters In The Christmas Album’ EP, which I was offering for free during the holiday season is now offline. Thanks everyone for showing interest in my festive music, I’ve had a lot of downloads… and a lot of fun… So I am very happy right now.

You can still get my music on the music section of the site. Aaaaand there will be more goodies coming along shortly, so don’t forget to sign-up to the newsletter, follow me on Facebook or Twitter to be in touch!

Last Chance To Download The Free Christmas EP!

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As promised, I will be taking down the ‘Monsters In The Christmas Album’ EP from the download page tomorrow night, so this is your last chance to get it for free!

I am glad to say that this was a successful campaign, the album has received a lot of airplay and it was downloaded by a lot of you during the holidays. So thanks a lot for that! I will do my best to have another seasonal release next year – but at this point I am not promising anything.

As far as indie (and commercial) Christmas music is concerned, there was a lot of that this year. And I mean a LOT. Still, my humble release has managed to stay afloat, and I am very optimistic starting out the new year thanks to it.

I am planing to record more songs this year, obviously, so there will be a lot of music here waiting for you. Please check back here for that and/or subscribe to my newsletter, keep track of my activities on Facebook or Twitter.

We will be launching a comic strip here on in March, so you might want to come back here for that also.

There are a lot of other plans for 2011, but this is as much as I am willing to share with you for now… this post was just about reminding you that this is the last chance to get my ‘Monsters In The Christmas Album’ anyway.