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Things have been going pretty good with the Christmas record, so I thought I should write a post about how good I feel about it.

Here’s a few places around the web that have mentioned the EP or have posted my festive MP3s (in no particular order):

1. A surprising feature article on this German music blog, called Lie In The Sound.

2. All of you must know Folk Radio UK.

3. Mojophenia has been kind enough to mention me again, after hosting that CD giveaway competition when I released ‘Monsters In Rome‘.

4. Perfect Porridge featured my release in their Holiday MP3 playlist.

5. A very short but important mention on Santas Working Overtime. Surprisingly, this gave me quite a few hits.

6. Stubby’s House Of Christmas first mentioned me in this ‘coming attractions‘ article and then featured a short story of the record itself after release.

7. Large Hearted Boy posted my MP3 – with quite a nice result.

The album is doing fine, btw. I have loads of downloads already, and getting feedback from a lot of you on a daily basis, which is a great plus. I will keep ‘Monsters In The Christmas Album‘ on the site until 15th of January, so make sure to download it before that time, if you like it.

In the meantime, I am working on theater music. A friend of mine asked me to write music for one of his plays, so that will keep me busy until the New Year, when we’ll start work on that video for ‘Work @ It Together‘ that I promised not so long ago.

Oh, and we will be launching a comic strip (that’s right, a comic strip) in late February/early March… you might want to be around for that… 🙂

Members of the Newsletter will be notified of all this before everyone else, of course – so you might consider signing up, if you care.

I didn’t know if I should mark this on the Upcoming Shows section of the site, because it’s such a borderline event. The thing is, I will be attending the Hometaping Playback Party held at Betsy Trotwood, London on the 8th December, but not in person, as you might expect. Instead, I will perform a couple of songs off my ‘Monsters In The Christmas Album’ (which you are still free to download) and talk a bit about the record via Skype. There will be a whole bunch of other performers attending, some live, some streamed, like myself, and the entire event will be streamed again online, so you can tune in if you are interested. I will edit this post for info on where to watch the stream. This much I know: the event starts at 8 pm, London time, and it will go on until about 11 pm. I will be performing sometime after 9 pm. If you happen to be in London, head on down to Betsey Trotwood for a fun time!

Link to the Hometaping Playback Party stream:

Christmas EP by Indie Folker now out!

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Yeeey! I have finished the thing in just a few weeks. The ‘Monsters In The Christmas Album’ will be a free download and it will be up on my Music Page until 15th January. Alternatively, you can post the player in your own blog, website or Facebook profile, it will look something like the following (though player customization is very easy):

And here’s the video again for that song with the long title at the beginning:

The first video for the “Monsters In The Christmas Album” is now done. I am hoping for some Youtube and Facebook love from all of you, getting this thing out there will make me very happy when I finally make the album public on December 1st. It will be a free download, as I might’ve already mentioned.