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It’s good to start off the new year in a good mood! I definitely recommend it! 🙂 Now that the campaign for the ‘Monsters In The Christmas Album’ is finally over, I can share with you some of my plans for 2011.

1. I have already posted about the webcomic we will be launching in March, so I won’t linger too much on that. We don’t yet have a name for the strip (any suggestions?), but we already have a few ready, and a few more on the drawing board, so I am terribly excited about getting them out there very soon. It will be all about the struggles of the modern musician and it will be great. Self-parody is the absolute best, and I hope many of you will have a great time reading it!

2. We have postponed the production of a video for ‘Work @ It Together‘, so we will definitely get back to working on that early this year – I will be glad to finally see that done…

3. A series of live Blogotheque-esque videos will be made. And they will be awesome! And I already have locations and everything. This project alone will get me some serious exposure this year. At least, that’s what I am expecting.

4. There will also be a tour in the UK again this year – I will most likely hit the Scotland scene as well this time, I hear the pubs are great in that region. I will have more info on this very soon, so check back for that!

5. If all else goes smoothly, I will have another record out this year – production most likely to start in the summer – and all the music will be made available in stages, before the actual record release, as soon as it comes out of the studio. You will be able to listen and get all the latest songs as soon as they are ready. And when I finish the record, you can have an input on what songs I should include and what songs I should cut. How cool is that? It’s like being in the listening room, isn’t it?

6. There is nothing more…

I have been working hard on making the ‘Monsters In The Christmas Album’ in the last few weeks – as I have plastered this information on every profile and webspace available to me, I’m very sure most of you know this. This and the fact that it will be out on December 1st and it will be a free download. Anyway, it was the most fast-paced recording marathon I’ve ever been involved in. Please read on, I will keep it short.

Initially, I wanted six songs for the record, so the task was to actually write and record one song per week. With only six weeks before the release, I later realized I had to work even faster than anticipated to have time for mastering as well. For those not familiar with the terms associated with music recording, mastering is done AFTER the record is fully recorded and mixed. What this meant is that I had to finish one week in advance to actually have time to master the thing properly. And if all that wasn’t enough, I wanted a video as well, so that bumped me back a few days also.
You can see why I had my hands full, I hope. Seriously, I’ve had nightmares thanks to this. BUT I am proud and glad to say: I’ve finished the last song today, so there is still plenty of time to do the mastering and any corrections required. Phew, right? Now, if only I could make it so all the artwork would be done in time too…

The working titles for the songs at this point (not necessarily in the order they will appear on the record):
1. Christmas Song
2. The Eyes, The Beard, The Nose, The Stomach, The Lungs
3. To Get Away From Everything
4. God, Is Christmas Time A Dream?
5. Taste Like Candy
6. Christmas Is A-lookin’ Good

Come back here on the 1st of December if you want to get some really alternative Christmas songs for free. And tell your family and friends, OK? 🙂

How Christmas Slowly Comes About

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After reading a book on The Beatles, I learned that they released a Christmas album every year. I like The Beatles, but I don’t obsess over them, so I really wasn’t aware of this fact. It seemed like a good idea, so I started writing holliday songs that very day. I never did this before, I never thought I should do this before. But it was a really good idea, I though. Especially if misters John Lennon and Paul McCartney decided they should have seven of them…

Heck, even one of my biggest heros, Bob Dylan, decided to make one…

Of course, I later found out that the Beatles’ albums didn’t have only new and original songs on them. It was mainly a special album for the fans, sometimes with traditional carols or other well known holiday songs. Oh, well, I wasn’t going to back down now. I already had my third song scribbled down, had a few more ideas to go, and had already decided I will make it an album for Christmas. I mean, who knows, maybe I can accidentaly write the next Fairytale Of New York, right? 😛

In any case, after two weeks of recording I can safely say it will turn out to be a decent sounding record. I am totally on top of this. It’s not that hard, once you decide on what you actually want. Of course, you have to bare in mind, this will be an indie rock album, not a bunch of original carols. At the same time, it won’t be a regular album either, which I can distribute throughout the year. It will be seasonal, but serious as it can get. I really can’t explain it any better, so I hope you understand. 😛
I even have the title and the theme figured out. But I will only disclose the title for now: “Monsters In The Christmas Album”, hehe.

On Covering Songs On YouTube

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There is a frustration very common amongst all musicians of the digital era: that of using cover songs on sites like YouTube. So far, with the traditional broadcasting technology and traditional media, all of these issues have been resolved by clear legal regulations. The broadcasters (usually radio stations and TV stations) had to deal with all the hassle that was required to “clear” the song for legal performance. Most of the times these stations had bulk deals with the Public Rights Organizations to publicly perform any of the songs in their repertory. Same with the bars and nightclubs. It has never been the artists obligation to clear a song for public performance, the business owners always had to deal with that.
Youtube, however, is a whole different story. In order to legally use a video with a cover song on sites like these you need to obtain a synch license from the publishers. YOU, the artist have to do this, because YouTube is regarded as a service that is mainly just hosting the videos that the users provide. They are exempt thanks to a copyright law called the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. So in order to legally have your cover songs on YouTube you have to personally get the licenses required from the publishers (these are NOT ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, PRS, these are Performance Rights Organizations, but you can find the publishers on their websites).
Of course, Youtube COULD get the licenses on it’s users behalf, so everyone could just share and upload their cover versions of copyrighted material as they’d wish, but since they don’t have to, they most likely won’t bother. The worst that is going to happen, is they remove your video or disable your account, fortunately, so many performers still get away with uploading their cover videos to alternate Youtube accounts.