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The Thing About Touring

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I am planning a musical trip this summer – or, as some of you might call it, a tour – in Europe and there are a few very interesting things I’d like to share before I continue with my planning. At first I was very confident about this being an easy thing to pull off, both financially as well as logistics-wise. If I’d book a cheap flight early on and just get some shows for that time period I can easily contact a few people to provide me shelter for a night or two – or book a room, if nothing else – there are plenty of cheap opportunities if I book early enough, right? Easier said than done.
When I first looked up some unbelievably cheap tickets to London and back that WizzAir had on offer I had the intention of touring for at least a month. Not a week passed and the ticket prices went up four times. So I just got the cheapest flights that Wizz Air had to offer at that point and thought about booking my shows around those dates. Again, easier said than done. First of all, Wizz Air won’t let you carry your instrument on board, and I was surely not going to check the thing. So my only option was to buy a ticket for my precious instrument (an adult ticket, mind you), and have it placed in a seat next to me (I swear, I will pamper it with peanuts). The next thing I find out is that EasyBus, the cheapest coach from the airport to London central won’t let me carry my instrument on board at all. Not even if I’d buy it a ticket (I actually contacted them and proposed them this ridiculous idea). So my costs just grew like that, with every little thing that I had planned out so carefully, until I significantly overstepped my initial budget, and I had to get a small loan to get me back on track for the tour.
Booking the events wasn’t easy either. Though some promoters have taken part of the burden away from me, most of the tour was still up to me to organize. After a million emails and telephone calls, however, I now have a show for almost every night while I’m in the UK. I will be playing in London every night from the 14th to the 19th of August, in Manchester on the 20th, in Stoke-on-trent on the 21st and then I will be back in London on the 23rd of August for a final show. I will post the names of the venues and every other relevant info on the website soon enough.
Talk soon.

Nothing without a plan

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“City Of Light” has been in my repertoire for a few years now, has been played numerous times on local and national radio stations here, even went in heavy rotation for a very short period. The song hasn’t been published on a record before so I decided to re-record the thing and put it on Monsters In Rome. I didn’t think much of it originally but as time passed it grew on me. Now I decided it needs a video – I even have a script and everything. So I will be putting some hard work into that during the summer.
Before this however the title track of the record is going to have a video of it’s own first. We have a very interesting script for that one also. It is going to be all stop-motion, with lots of face painting (inspired from the We Have Band video – but totally different) and lots of other sweet stuff that will complement that track. I don’t want to ruin it by posting the script here, but I’m sure it will be very cool and everything. Just wanted to give a little insight into what is about to come.

Unfortunately I am forced to postpone some of my plans for this period because I am going to the UK next month so the new demos I was intending to record for my future album as well as Italy tour will have to wait a bit longer. I am sorry things worked out this way, but I am a one man operation for now (the term “indie” really does apply to me) so it was unavoidable.
But on the plus side: I have physical CD’s (yey) and I will be making those available for purchase very very soon (right after the Mojophenia competition), all copies are signed/autographed and pimped in every way possible. So buy them! Plz. 🙂

I will write again soon!

The Pleasure Of Not Knowing

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I just found out from a comment on YouTube that my Afraid Not Scared video has been mentioned in an online weekly show dedicated to discovering new independent music – it is called Tim’s Week, you should check it out. This particular show is the one I’m being mentioned in by the way.
Also, on a blog called World United Music I have been added to a playlist called “Great Indy Artists On Youtube” :). I really appreciate it. I like being mentioned like this.
Anybody else want to make like these nice people and tell people about me, huh? 🙂

Carnival In Rome With Monsters In It

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When I first started recording for the Indie Folker project, I haven’t realized this entire thing is going to be this much about videos and filming and stuff like that. I’m not saying that I’m not enjoying it – because I really do – but recently I’ve been spending so much time watching videos, I forgot to finish some of the songs I was going to record next month. I am going to the UK for the summer and I really wanted to lay down some tracks before I went. That is probably not going to happen now, I might record some tunes while I’m there – I did plan on meeting up with a few singers/songwriters in the London area – so who knows?
Anyway, we’ve been talking about a video idea for Monsters In Rome since quite a while now, and as I usually get very anxious about new thins, I neglected most of my musical responsibilities in the video’s favor. I won’t be sharing very much information about this, because the big bad PR fella might decide to eat me for breakfast, but it’s definitely going to feature some of these curiously death-defying things: a cute dancing clown, some confetti, marmalade, a baby elephant, my bowler’s hat, red wine, a kitty, more red wine and a pair of really ugly hiking shoes. Sounds like loads of fun, doesn’t it? Stay tuned for that, I will be uploading the results to my YouTube channel, and will also feature it here on the site.