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No more foul-ups

Posted by admin On March - 19 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

Sometimes I feel like I over-commit but lately I’ve been feeling a bit scattered and really out of focus as far as my music is concerned – which is weird enough because I’ve barely been sleeping the last two weeks. I think I need some rest, some breathing time to get back my inspiration, recharge my batteries, all that…

I’ve got to stop chasing myself like this, that’s it, I’ve decided! No more re-recording anything, no more dicking around with the code, everything is going to slow down from now on.  Everything that goes into the sequencer is going to stay just as it is. I’ve got to face the fact that I will probably never get everything perfect.

On a positive note, I did make some progress: I’ve optimized the website for mobile browsing, my myspace profile is as good as it’s going to get, twitter background image is showing up nicely on any resolution – I need to stop wasting so much time on this!

I am very busy. I’ve taken on too much. Saying NO to this freakish workaholic approach might be the way to my salvation.

Some friends payed a big shot national label a lot of money to release their album nationwide and distribute it in most of the major music outlets here in the country. My first impression was, “Wow! How lucky they are to be able to do that!”, but after some consideration i realized even if I could afford to pay someone that much money to release my precious music, I would have to be a really slow thinker to do so.

I am not saying that my friends are slow – but I AM saying they threw out an enormous amount just to see their CD’s on the shelves of some big shot music stores, when obviously nobody will care. At least, nobody important will. No person who buys their music at those places is going to pay actual money for something they’ve never heard about, period.

So here I am after six months of  recording my own songs, putting my every free time into hacking together a website, a twitter page, a myspace profile and everything else related to the web.

Although my album is only half-finished, my photo sessions are still to come – as well as all the video material I still have to pay for – I have a really strong faith in this do-it-myself thing. Hope to get the site running soon enough (the placeholder images I borrowed from Gary Jules and Joe Purdy for the time being are starting to get on my nerves already).

So now, with my first blog post behind me, I can get back to my coding and I still need to fix some guitars on Silver Screen. We played that song a few years back and my friend Sergius Gregory seemed to really like it.  Just hope it wasn’t all the beer talking.