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The Art Of Just Keep Going

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Dear friends!

I still haven’t figured out a way to become famous. Maybe I can beg for ideas later on, but I have to come up with my own for now. This is how I wound up talking for two hours with Endi about a video for Monsters In Rome. I’ve realized I will most likely never be able to organize the production of a full video on my own, and I really like his approach when it comes to photography. I am really confident about this. Maybe it will get me some recognition outside my usual environment (I’ve just recently learned how to spell “environment” properly btw). We’ve talked about a series of ideas, but our favorite so far involves addiction. We are still working on that…

In the meantime, summer is coming to an end. Which makes me sad because I’ve had some ideas which will remain unexploited for now.

I also discovered Body & Soul. Can anyone get me in here? I promise, I’ll do a good job! I love festivals like this.

Asides from the video for Monsters, I was also thinking about maybe producing a live video for a new song (called “Why”). We have been rehearsing in a small apartment lately (did I mention: two good-musician-friends will be assisting me to a festival in September? I am loving the trio line-up!) and it would make a cool film, I think. Just something to get my, ehem, fans into the feel of the album that I am working on.

Also, I’ve noticed that some people haven’t been helping me out as much as they could have. And that is my fault. I haven’t been asking for help. Well, I need it. So here’s a few things that you could do to get Indie Folker noticed and more out-there:

FIRSTLY: You can tweet and facebook and blog all of my activity, you can share my music on anything you want. Hell, you can even use it for whatever you want (as long as you credit me for the songs, of course). I have videos. Share them. Share my tracks. Just get the word out there! Do you use Thesixtyone? How about Jango? I am everywhere, so just help me out! I will be grateful. ūüôā

SECONDLY: We are working really hard to publish Liszto, the web comic for musicians. Do you know any musicians? Tell them about Liszto. Tell everybody! Share the website on your facebook, twitter, blog, bumper sticker, whatever. We put a lot of time into getting these things done, and we appreciate all the help we get. The smallest gesture counts. Trust me, we will notice!

I will just end on that note for now.

Later, friends!

My Favorite Folk Musicians On Twitter

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Here’s a list of all the musicians that I follow on Twitter. Some of them aren’t very active, so I provided a short description to let you know what to expect.

Amanda Palmer
Oh, she’s tweeting the hell out of Twitter. She’s one of the coolest ones out there, so follow her no matter what!

The guys from Beirut sometimes tune in and they do reply from time to time to @mentions as well.

Bon Iver
I think someone else is running this account for Bon Iver but it is fun to follow nevertheless. Plus you get all the yummy info via Twitter. Can’t beat that!

David Gray
Run by the team! They actually specify that, so you don’t get the wrong idea. He’s such a gentleman.

The Bowerbirds
They are definitely worth following. They write their own tweets and they are very fun.

Bright Eyes
Mostly tour dates and promotional tweets from the band.

Fleet Foxes
I am quite sure it is them tweeting. And they are fun!

Iron & Wine
Tour dates and releases and other official stuff. Looks like Sam doesn’t like tweeting.

Jason Webley
Jason is quite active on Twitter. And he is also a cool musician, so I definitely recommend following.

Joseph Arthur
I see him tweet from time to time. I really think that is him.

Joe Purdy
Mostly promotion on Joe’s behalf – it would be nice to actually have him from time to time though.

Katie Melua
Not much going on on Katie’s Twitter feed. I really hope she will start using it soon.

Mumford & Sons
Mostly official stuff. Not much about their private lives on here, but they do reply to @mentions from time to time.

Norah Jones
Norah doesn’t like to tweet. I heard her say that in an interview once. She also said that her record company keeps trying to convince her to start. Hope they succeed.

The Low Anthem
I am not sure if it is them running this, but I like their music, so I am following for the info anyway.

Tom Waits
Official stuff. I don’t think Tom himself ever tweets… unfortunately.

And if you’ve made it this far, I wouldn’t mind if you would started following Indie Folker on Twitter as well. Thanks!

If you’ve been paying attention at all this year, you will know that we’ve attended the “Utcazene” Street Music Festival in Veszp√©m, Hungary this year. And by “WE” I mean myself and my girlfriend, Kinga, (you might know her as the creator of Liszto, our beloved webcomic) who has been kind enough to learn all of my repertoire in a just a few weeks.

First of all, we looked like this:

She accompanied me on all sorts of improvised instruments and also sang backing vocals on a few songs. And it was all great!

We also had some good friends from Austria drop by to catch our last performance and take these cool looking photos (not to mention: spread the word about the show on twitter and other social platforms once they got home – so thumbs up for that).

And the result:

(…we’ve made some cool new friends who bought us this delicious watermelon and came to all of our shows…)

All in all it, was a fun time, we’ve met some great people and we’ve seen some great bands perform. Hope to be attending Veszpr√©m Utcazene Fesztiv√°l in 2012 again, but there’s a lot to be done in the meantime.

Fist of all, in the next few months I will be producing my new album as well as preparing for another street music festival that will be held in September here in Transylvania.

…and I am thinking about taking a band with me this time…

Most Producers On One Track

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There has been an interesting article passed around musician hang-outs regarding Hakan Libdo‘s attempt to get into the Guiness Book Of World Records. He is attempting to get as many producers involved in his song as possible.

According to the blogs, “he has produced everything from easy listening electro pop, techno, electroclash, house and electronica for labels like Skam, Pokerflat, PAPER Recordings, Skint, Tommy Boy, and Ministry of Sound. He has remixed for Kool Keith, Plastic City, Ennio Morrocone, Depeche Mode, Trentem√łller, Fever Ray and on. He also curates the Stockholm electronic arts festival Voltfestivalen”. That sounds impressive, I think. Actually, I don’t even know what most of these styles are. But I’ve listened to the tracks he posted, and I’m thinking about joining the party anyway.

He only requests 4 bars of music around his loops that he will later join together with all the other material sent in to ultimately form the electro-club-something-masterpiece of the century… I assume.

You could argue, that I don’t know anything about electro music, but there is no mention of any restrictions anywhere on the blogs, so I will contribute with whatever I have – should I decide to take part. Competition closes on 27th June, so I still have time to think about that. Anybody else want to join?

Here are the loops:
Hakan Lidbo – World Record Attempt by wearewoodville