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In A Team

Posted by admin On March - 21 - 2010

The week after I got back from our last tour in Hungary with Jokerman and SzER I lost a lot of control over my voice because of the constant strain I unwillingly subjected myself to. We were up quite a lot and I was driving the whole way there and back which, for me, is quite a lot. So against all my efforts and willingness to record, it looked like I had to abandon everything and crawl away in shame until my voice recovered.

People in the studio thought I was a joke, they’ve never heard me before so this was our first encounter, and I hadn’t prepared for things to go this badly. Also, I hadn’t prepared for the amount they were going to charge me even though I hadn’t recorded a single note. I immediately called a few good friends to help me lay down some tracks and get things moving without my voice. I decided to re-arrange everything, going from a one guitar+voice arrangement to an entire ensemble of instruments, which I never intended for at the beginning. At least I was getting my money’s worth, I thought. Plus the opportunity to jam with some good friends again. So we just kept on going until my voice recovered enough to let me sing again.

A few weeks later the tracks were done, but I still couldn’t record a single vocal line the way I intended to. I could sing, but my sore throat made everything seem out of place and messy at the time. I got used to it ever since, and now most of the songs feature my voice from exactly that period. Also, the finished material ended up being much more “produced” than I originally hoped for it to be, and it had all those flavors of diferent people on it – which was great! I almost forgot how good it feels to get something done in a team…

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