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Nothing without a plan

Posted by admin On June - 6 - 2010

“City Of Light” has been in my repertoire for a few years now, has been played numerous times on local and national radio stations here, even went in heavy rotation for a very short period. The song hasn’t been published on a record before so I decided to re-record the thing and put it on Monsters In Rome. I didn’t think much of it originally but as time passed it grew on me. Now I decided it needs a video – I even have a script and everything. So I will be putting some hard work into that during the summer.
Before this however the title track of the record is going to have a video of it’s own first. We have a very interesting script for that one also. It is going to be all stop-motion, with lots of face painting (inspired from the We Have Band video – but totally different) and lots of other sweet stuff that will complement that track. I don’t want to ruin it by posting the script here, but I’m sure it will be very cool and everything. Just wanted to give a little insight into what is about to come.

Unfortunately I am forced to postpone some of my plans for this period because I am going to the UK next month so the new demos I was intending to record for my future album as well as Italy tour will have to wait a bit longer. I am sorry things worked out this way, but I am a one man operation for now (the term “indie” really does apply to me) so it was unavoidable.
But on the plus side: I have physical CD’s (yey) and I will be making those available for purchase very very soon (right after the Mojophenia competition), all copies are signed/autographed and pimped in every way possible. So buy them! Plz. 🙂

I will write again soon!

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