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Started mastering process for the Mini-album

Posted by admin On March - 19 - 2010

I have a few songs recorded and mixed to an almost final and releasable level. Some of these songs I’ve played a gazillion times before live, but some are totally fresh.

I am currently driving around town, listening to the newest mixes on my car stereo. It’s kinda cold here, just like that day I recorded Monsters In Rome for the first time here at my house. By the time I got to lay down the first chords to Silver Screen, it was already snowing, and I had to drop everything to get ready for New Year’s.

In the three months it took me to (almost) get this recording together I don’t remember ever caring about the weather, and most of the time it was really freezing. Why is that? I guess i was way too rapped up in the process to notice. I even forgot to eat sometimes. I’m not used to caring about what goes on outside there. Anyway, I have to do regular things again now, meet with people, organize, go swimming, get drunk, things like that.

I usually hate to listen to my finished mixes, but thinking it’s the first time I got to do this my way, I am as pleased as scared as fuck. Sometimes I think the record sounds great. Other times I can’t help feel ashamed. I mixed it locked up in my apartment, recorded it all over town, re-recorded it at my house – in the bedroom. I’m not going to waste time with singles and whatnot, I am not that kind of an artist. I don’t care to release one song at a time. So the record comes out as soon as possible. Possibly less than a month. Hope for the best.

Sounds like the soundtrack to winter. Or summer. So I guess it won’t make it to Grey’s Anatomy. Not like I care.

I am going to work like an insane lunatic for a few more weeks, and then take a brake before committing to a full-blown tour. I’ll be visiting Italy, Finland and Hungary if everything works out as it should. I can hardly wait.

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