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Super 8

Posted by admin On May - 12 - 2010

I’ve had this wonderful idea a while ago to make a video for Afraid Not Scared using some vintage technology – recording on actual film – just to make things real indie. At first I thought about having the video done by my friends, but everyone I know in the film making area are all digital people so no one wanted anything to do with that kind of hassle. I was really firm about recording on super 8 or something similar, so processing HD material to look like old film wasn’t going to cut it.
I then had another good idea: I’d mash together other people’s old home movies, especially shots of children, and make it real simple, make it look like I have something really meaningful to say – like reaching for the inner child or some other blah-blah. Unfortunately – to my big surprise – old home movies are rarely interesting enough to be usable in a video. I remember seeing some great stock footage on sites like, but purchasing stock video wasn’t going to be indie enough for this project, so I ended up abandoning this idea as well.
By this time I was really into having a retro kind of video for Afraid, and falling like a sucker for the feel of super 8 film, so there was really no turning back now.
Next I tried my luck with some footage from the public domain, thinking I was surely going to find something that fits in the vast collection of public material. At first I experimented with a really cool vacation video of some family from the 50’s, they had wonderful footage of Spain, especially the bull fights, which were great for the chorus, but after much hard work the end result still ended up disappointing me.
I then tried my luck with another piece of amateur footage, which ended up OK – but not great. I was almost going to consider it a compromise, when I stumbled upon the perfect solution… (to be continued) (don’t you just hate that?)

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