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If you want to burn my songs – the songs that you download from this very website – onto a CD, to listen to in your car, or if you just want to take them with you hiking or wherever, I’ve decided to explain a few things about how to best go about doing this. Please keep reading.

You can download the songs as 16bit WAV files, that you can then write onto a Compact Disc. These are the very files I would send to the company that does my CD replication. So don’t download the mp3’s, if you want to write an audio CD! You can have true CD quality, if you just pick the right format. In short: if you want to write an audio CD, download the 16 bit WAV files, and burn those.

One thing about mp3’s: they are a lossy format. They sound a lot worse than they would sound on a CD. Some of you know this already, and don’t care that much about it. Well, those songs on the CD sound a lot worse than they do in our studio. Are you still with me? We, musicians, record at 24 bit/96000 Hz (or 44100 Hz, in most cases), while the so called Red Book standard (this is what you’ll find on all audio Compact Discs) is 16bit/44100Hz – a much lower quality than what we have in the studio. It’s just something the industry settled upon, and so it stuck.

But it doesn’t necesseraly have to stay this way. And it probably won’t. So don’t just go and ruin the sound for the sake of saving space… if you can afford to. That sonic sparkle is worth it, trust me. Try and keep the files at a steady 320kbps, if you must keep your music in mp3’s. Please! In the name of all musicians out there!

But FLAC is better! You can have my music sounding the way it does in my studio, if you choose to download it in FLAC. Many devices already support this format. Check out some devices that support the FLAC format on this link.

In conclusion… when you download any of my music, you can have the option of any format out there – and I do understand that you have to make some compromises from time to time – but do keep in mind the fact that you could have these things sounding every bit as good as they do in my studio.

So there. I hope this helps.

Greetins, Friends!

Physical CD’s now personalized

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If you head on over to the music page of the website you will now be able to order the physical CD’s directly from me, thus giving me the chance to personalize your copy. A digital download in your format of choice is included in the purchase.
Alternatively, you can still order signed copies from my CdBaby store , but I can’t personalize those.
The competition over at Mojophenia is still on for the last free copy of the CD, so you might want to try your luck there as well.

Stay close!

I have a lot of things to share about what I have been doing lately. I’m not lazy when it comes to writing, I just can’t find the time to do it all, sorry.
In no particular order:
– my hairy face has got some special attention from the cool people @ Milky Tea Kid, they run a blog and organize events around Guildford, UK. They have introduced me to such great artists as J.R. Cigar (very much like Fleet Foxes, real cool band) and Van Dave (inspiring singer/songwriter, also from Guildford).
– the competition to win free signed copies of my “Monsters In Rome” record is still on over @ Mojophenia, plus they feature some really cool bands on a regular basis.
– my stuff has also been featured on Perfect Porridge, a really cool mp3 blog that I have been following for a long time.
– I recorded a song to mock the official ball used in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, even made it into a single – Jabulani (Adidas Ball Parody). It’s free to download or to use in any project, even commercial ones. Give it a listen below and share it if you like it, there’s a function for that, as you will notice. Or, alternatively you could go to the original post, or straight to the music page for more info on this.

<a href="" >Jabulani (Adidas Ball Parody) by Indie Folker</a>

– I have this habit of listening to music on sites like Grooveshark because they are just friggin’ cool, so I made my music available on there. Just do a search and away you go.
– the schedule of my England tour so far: London venues from August 14th to 19th, Manchester on the 20th, Stoke-on-trent on the 21st, London again on the 23rd. I will make all that necessary info available soon enough.

Physical CD’s now available (in stop-motion)

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If you have checked Mojophenia recently you already know that the competition to win 5 copies of the limited edition/signed Monsters In Rome CD has been announced. This would be your first shot to get a copy for free, autographed and everything.
In the meantime physical CD’s also became available on my CdBaby store as well and very soon also here on the site. If you want to help me spread the word about this release feel free to embed the following video wherever you wish and make my day. 🙂

Monsters In Rome stop-motion CD commercial from Indie Folker on Vimeo.