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Love this song by Jeremy Messersmith. Calls himself “The Pied Piper of Wuss Rock” on his bandcamp page.


I have been working on new material roughly for the past year – and as I got to publish my “Silver Screen” album, the record that contains 8 tracks from the feature film “Lie With Me”, I decided to start publishing songs from my upcoming “Nightfix” album as well.

You cand find the first four songs below:

110 km​/​h

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I finally got to publish “110 km/h“, the song I’ve featured on with singer/songwriter/friend Murányi Tóni on my own music page.

Big hugs to Iris Heuer for her photograph “Travel Into The Past” which we’ve used to create the artwork for the song. We are still working on getting a video produced for this – hopefully this summer.

Listen to the song below:

The Story Behind The Song

Murányi Tóni has sent over an amazing demo back in the summer of 2011 and has asked me to feature on his final song, called “110km/h”. The first time that guitar riff blasted out of my speakers I knew I had to take part.

It took a while for us to actually begin working on the song (or, more precisely: it took ME a lot of time to get started), but in November of the same year we’ve recorded and mixed the entire track. He already had his parts written and recorded when he first approached me so I was expected to write my own parts and record them in my own home studio. We have worked for about one month on the song, together, emailing session files back and forth, recording and re-recording every track as we went along.

…aaand the artwork for 110km/h:

Tóni’s parts are in Hungarian, in case you didn’t get that – and mine are in English – as you’ve surely noticed.

We’ve published “110km/h” in May 2012 and we are still working on producing a video for this little gem. I couldn’t be happier to have “110km/h” in my portfolio, I have a lot of respect for Tóni’s songwriting and I am really really glad to have had the chance to do this.

Besides, Tóni and I have known each other for a few years, as there aren’t too many young singer-songwriters here in Transylvania, so it was just a matter of time before we made something together.

I have released my latest album titled “The Crack (Musical)” and it’s up for grabs on the Indie Folker music page – for FREE!

The album contains music that I wrote for the “Fisura” play (written by Flavius Lucăcel and directed by Victor Olăhuţ). I feel truly privileged to have had the chance to do this.

The musical itself is being presented on stage today here in Transylvania, and I am really excited to be a part of it! I loved working on it but I am glad it’s over now. You can only work on one project for so long, I guess.

We’ve first talked about doing this more than a year ago. Maybe even longer than that. But it’s happening now at the change of a season.

There was music written that didn’t make the play – and there’s music that didn’t make the album. It might seem unusual, but it’s natural. Some songs were just not made to be sung by me while some songs weren’t quite right for the stage.

You don’t need to worry about this too much. I might just re-record the songs that didn’t make the album at a later date and publish them… but that’s not really a promise!

The idea for this album came from Victor Olăhuţ who in 2011 had proposed making the play “Fisura” by Flavius Lucăcel into a full fledged musical.

I really thought it would be easy to make that play into a musical. We both did. And we worked really hard to prove that.

The play was written in Romanian, and all songs have an original Romanian text, but I have translated them for this record.

The story is about Mickey and Annie, an old couple with an exceptional love for pickles, whose lives get disrupted by the appearance of a sudden crack on the wall of their beloved pantry. When the crack threatens to destroy their very livelihood, they must take every measure to stop it. But what unseen enemy can cause such great damage? Is it the trains, the dreaded car traffic or the tram? Whichever foe they might face, they are ready to take action!

Gogu is the officer in charge of investigating the train and tram derailments who meets Marina at the old couples home while she gets her future read by Annie.

Marina and Gogu learning their songs while mister director is directing.

The actors were really cool about learning all this music at such short notice, I even got to see them rehearse last night at the venue we are going to perform at today -, and it’s all looking very promising. I said WE because I will be performing a few songs of my own after the play. I love the theater atmosphere, I think my music couldn’t be presented in any better location. So yeah, I am really looking forward to play!

Mickey and Annie at the stage rehearsal last night. I don’t have a better photo.

I am so ready to finally put this album out… (and get on to planning my Finland tour)

But right now… this is… happening!

Cheers, friends!

This work wouldn’t exist hadn’t have been for the following people:

Anca Hanu, who played Annie.
Camelia Curuţiu, who palyed Marina.
Florentina Năstase, who played Mickey.
Flavius Lucăcel, who wrote the play and the original lyrics in Romanian for songs #1, #2 and #3.
Kinga Ötvös, who sang Marina’s parts on song #3.
Leonard Viziteu, who played Gogu.
Victor Olăhuţ, who directed the play