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Happy Halloween!

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It’s November everyone! As I promised, the free downloading of my Monsters In Rome record, which I have been offering for a whole month, will now stop. I hope you enjoyed it, the response to this campaign was up to my expectations, so I am not at all sorry for thinking about it. I will most likely have other campaigns of this sort in the future. In order to keep yourself informed, I recommend subscribing to my newsletter.
The Monsters In Rome album is still available for purchase or for free streaming right here on the website. If you wish to buy Compact Discs, I still have some from my LIMITED EDITION edition, and I am glad to personalize them for you, if you wish. The digital version of the album is also still up for grabs, I decided to keep it on a name-your-price basis, with a minimum price of 3$. Hope you understand.
In the meantime, I will be working away on an alternative Christmas album, you will get to see the results soon enough.

IN OTHER NEWS: Monsters In Rome seems to be a good Halloween track as it has been featured in two round-ups around the web, and The Mad Mackerel has also included it on a Best Of October mix.

Here are the links:
The Mad Mackerel – Halloween Mix
Halloween Round-up @ Speakers In Code
The Mad Mackerel – Best Of October Mix

As I said earlier this month, I am offering the “Monsters In Rome” record for free download until the 1st of November. I also said that I will be offering no more than 500 downloads, but seeing that November is just around the corner, and the number of downloads has just recently reached 500, I decided to keep the downloading free for a few more days. But no later than the 1st of November, so hurry up to download the album now, or PAY for the consequences! 😛

In other news: I am working on a Christmas album – or EP, or whatever they call it – which I will publish on the last week of November. It will not consist of a collection of carols, as some might expect, but a bunch of original songs, in the manner of my first release. I have almost all of the details figured out regarding the release, but I am only going to make the title public for now: Monsters In The Christmas Album. 🙂

On How Things Have Their Own Way Of Happening

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I spend a ridiculous amount of time promoting the sh*t out of my material, I think of all the most unlikely things that I try and then I always expect them to work right away, in the way I imagined it. Of course, I should have learned by now that this is seldom the case. However, the response is not that bad after all.
Not so long ago I had an idea of making the “Work @ It Together” a common project with anyone interested, not expecting too much really, I just thought I could end up with some cool amateur footage to use and it will be fun.

For those who haven’t been following this video project I will explain it in a few words: The main idea was to make you, anyone out there, come up with the story and ways of making the video happen in a way that is cheap, fun and entertaining. The response to this was just great. I had many good ideas sent in, both technical as well as story-wise. But the way things turned out was really unexpected.

<a href="" >Work @ It Together by Indie Folker</a>

As it happens, we are now filming with professional actors, camera men and we have two really cool people in the director’s chair, overseeing things. I have much confidence in this video, it ended up costing not very much, but it is very promising in it’s every detail. I can’t tell you very much about what exactly we’ll be doing, but I will be posting the end result here on the site, as well as YouTube and Vimeo once we’re done. I expect that to be in November, right before my second UK tour.

So I originally started out talking about promotion. Let’s get back to that for a moment. A lot of my time gets spent on promoting my material as well as the Indie Folker project and the responses I get differ in so, so many ways. Every blogger is different. Every reviewer is different. Every radio show host is different. And you can’t know this until you make a connection, really get them to listen to you so you can understand what they are about. I find it very easy connecting to anyone who loves music, so I don’t find any difficulties communicating what I have to say beyond the point of that first phone call or email. Most of the times I ask for features. Be that on a radio show, a publication or a really cool blog. What ends up happening is that sometimes my music is put up for free download (which is great!), but no article, and other times there is a full feature with really kind words about my work. This is also great. Sometimes things happen that I don’t even consider, like in the case of Mojophenia, where I ended up sponsoring a competition that the editor himself suggested. That was just awesome. These things really have broadened my view about how things tend to work, and how every person involved in music has it’s own perceptions and way of doing things. You’d think these are logical things, but when you are dealing with literally hundreds of people that you don’t know, you really end up generalizing everything, taking the same approach over and over and expecting the same results. Which is a bit weird, but I guess it’s the way we function.

Indie Folker @ Street Music Festival – Busker Video

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I have attended a street music festival last weekend. Here’s a rendition of “Be A Wolf” that I performed there, amongst many other songs. Hope you enjoy it. You can also find the video on the Indie Folker YouTube Channel as well as on It will be uploaded to Facebook as well, so you can easily share it if you want.

Indie Folker – Be A Wolf (On The Street) – Video from Indie Folker on Vimeo.

In the meantime we are still working on a video for “Work @ It Together” to which you can always contribute by donating or by spreading the word…