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Indie Folk Artistst I Like

Posted by admin On April - 27 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

a lot of you kept asking me to make a list of my favorite indie folk artists, so i decided to answer with the following list of suggestions. i also decided to write other articles like this as well, because one of my fav hobbies is discovering new “talent” in this field. nevertheless, this article will include only the best known artists, just to answer your “any indie folk artrist suggestions?”, “who is your favorite indie folk artist?”, etc. questions.

so here’s my list of favorites, in no particular order, and not necessarily indie folk, hehe:
Ryan Adams, David Gray, Amos Lee, Ani DiFranco, Damien Rice, Joe Purdy, Fleet Foxes, Gary Jules, Tallest Man On Earth, Iron And Wine, Joanna Newsom, Amanda Palmer, Jason Webley, Devendra Banhart, Joseph Arthur, M. Ward, Cat Power, Ben Harper, Alexi Murdoch.

there’s a shit load more to this list, but i will stop here for now. peace!

Personal Disaster: live wine cellar video

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As some of you might already know, we’ve recorded a live version of “Personal Disaster”. The song will be available on the “Monsters In Rome” record by Indie Folker. The record will be made available very very soon now. In the meantime, enjoy the end results:

Indie Folker – Personal Disaster – live from Indie Folker on Vimeo.

Recording time

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Oh, Recording Time, a weekly event from now on designed to stimulate the interest in my soon-to-be- and already-been-recorded music. A number of you already know about my soon-to-be-published, limited-edition, very first musical album, as a few of you have also helped me out with some very appreciated and constructive criticism.
Anyway, we’ve taken the project a step further this weekend, as we’ve recorded a few more live videos, thus adding to our current collection of 1.

I was a bit surprised to find out that the camera we’re using is not up for most of the applications we’ve subjected it to, but it all came out looking decent in the end. At least, we agreed to agree on that.

BTW, before I forget: I’m getting a visit from an A&R rep of a national label sometime next week, but I doubt she’ll be able to convince me to sell them my soul.

Also, I’ve decided to start the recording of my second album early this summer, as I have loads of unpublished, unreleased and unrecorded material still. I think it will make a decent sounding one guitar+one voice album. Real indie folk this time.

Talk to you soon!