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Carnival In Rome With Monsters In It

Posted by admin On May - 18 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS

When I first started recording for the Indie Folker project, I haven’t realized this entire thing is going to be this much about videos and filming and stuff like that. I’m not saying that I’m not enjoying it – because I really do – but recently I’ve been spending so much time watching videos, I forgot to finish some of the songs I was going to record next month. I am going to the UK for the summer and I really wanted to lay down some tracks before I went. That is probably not going to happen now, I might record some tunes while I’m there – I did plan on meeting up with a few singers/songwriters in the London area – so who knows?
Anyway, we’ve been talking about a video idea for Monsters In Rome since quite a while now, and as I usually get very anxious about new thins, I neglected most of my musical responsibilities in the video’s favor. I won’t be sharing very much information about this, because the big bad PR fella might decide to eat me for breakfast, but it’s definitely going to feature some of these curiously death-defying things: a cute dancing clown, some confetti, marmalade, a baby elephant, my bowler’s hat, red wine, a kitty, more red wine and a pair of really ugly hiking shoes. Sounds like loads of fun, doesn’t it? Stay tuned for that, I will be uploading the results to my YouTube channel, and will also feature it here on the site.

Super 8 (part 2)

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Amongst the many videos we’ve been hacking and slashing in the past few weeks there was one that quickly became one of our top 2: a short film called Super 8 by Sonja Menting. I’ve contacted Sojna, begging her to let us use her footage, and she was very open about it (of which I am very thankful of). I also found out during our conversations that she will be filming another super 8 film in Beijing this summer – so watch out for that! I will be keeping my eyes on her Vimeo profile just in case…
As much as we loved the film though, after much consideration, we’ve decided upon another concept for the video (the result of which you can see right here). As Sonja pointed out herself, the moped story doesn’t really complement the message of the song, nor vice-versa. The footage montage we’ve used from some amateur home movie from the time of the Great Depression seemed to do a lot better job in this case. Hope you like it! We sure did spend a lot of time on this! 🙂

Afraid Not Scared Video

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Sooooo… as I was telling you in the Journal not so long ago, we were having a video mixing-slicing-and-mashing marathon to see what footage we’re going to use for the Afraid Not Scared video. I will continue to tell the story of that adventure in a post in the Mumbajamba Journal soon enough – in the meantime, enjoy:

(btw.: the video is also available on the Video Page of the Indie Folker website as well as on YouTube and Vimeo)

Acoustic venues in London

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I will be spending two months in the UK this summer, touring and promoting my album, so I am on the lookout for some venues that host acoustic, indie folk gigs. Any information will be appreciated. I already have a few clubs written up, but it never hurts to know more about new places. I will most likely be teaming up with a few local singers/songwriters in that period (more precisely: somewhere between June and August) so I might even come home with some new material.
In the meantime, the mastering process for the album is almost done, I can’t wait to get that first batch of CD’s pressed and delivered. You can still sign up to the newsletter if you want first hand information on the release date. 🙂