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Personal Disaster: live wine cellar video

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As some of you might already know, we’ve recorded a live version of “Personal Disaster”. The song will be available on the “Monsters In Rome” record by Indie Folker. The record will be made available very very soon now. In the meantime, enjoy the end results:

Indie Folker – Personal Disaster – live from Indie Folker on Vimeo.


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I have been playing and recording music for over 13 years now – been on the payroll of one of my favorite local bands when I was 18, have played in more than a dozen bands and helped out in countless projects, albums, etc. ever since and I’ve also been employed as a composer for two and a half years – still, I don’t feel the least bit closer to knowing what makes a good musical piece, or even begin to understand what the ingredients to a well written song are.

My answer so far was simplification. In theory, at least. Every time I started up a new project, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do and how I was going to do it. But, as things seldom go according to plan, the Indie Folker project was no exeption. Things are just not ever that simple, I guess. I think I’m learning that much already.

I recorded the song “Monsters In Rome” with the initial plan of having just a siple guitar + voice track, and maybe a foot drum kind of thing (a wooden box) somewhere in the second part of the track, as my good friend Sergius Gregory suggested. Need I say: the plan failed miserably? The track is just crawling with instruments, ranging from electric guitars to drums, a string section, female backing vocals and even a theramin kind of instrument in the bridge. So I over-produced my title song. But it sounded great. What was I to do, strip it anyway? Of course not!

Anyway, this “herratic” behaviour of mine continued during the recording process of “Afraid Not Scared” as well. Initially, I just wanted a piano and voice track, to keep things simple and stick to the initial plan. But the strings, drums, bass and acoustic guitars somehow made it into this recording as well.

By this time I knew the plan was screwed. I had to continue producing every song the best I could, and I haven’t got very much experience, so the thought scared me shitless.

Anyway, here I am 8 tracks later (and probably 2 more to go), with a world of things that I learned, and a decent sounding record.

Oh, yeah, and I forgot to mention that “Monsters In Rome” is going to be a full-length album after all. Inspiration struck me during the Easter off-time and have managed to lay down some new material.

So the record will be coming out soon enough now, and I can hardly wait to share it with you all later this summer, during my tour and the very few select festivals I will be appearing @.

Talk to you soon.