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David Gray Lyrics, As Seen By A Singer-Songwriter

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I can’t stop being amazed by the talent that English recording artist, David Gray, seems to have when it comes to putting together a song. I’ve read somewhere that he stated in an interview: he’s no closer to knowing what makes a good song than when he first started out as a singer-songwriter.

Although I don’t believe this is perfectly true, I can see why he would say this: as you write more and more songs, you get to the point where the process gets so familiar to you (but not to everyone else) that you no longer find it magical. I mean, it came out of your own head. You can’t expect to be surprised, can you? Plus, it kind of fits into the indie folk lifestyle not to ponder over these things too much – and just get to writing your next song…

But enough ranting about what makes the best singer-songwriters what they are. David Gray is definitely a leader of this generation’s singer-songwriter pack, and there is no question about that.

Just listen to the build-up to that amazing chorus:

If you want it
Come and get it
Crying out loud
The love that I was
Giving you was
Never in doubt
Let go your heart
Let go your head
And feel it now

Babylon, Babylon

In conclusion: if you ARE a singer-songwriter, I’m sure you will agree, we have a lot to learn from this man. Folk musicians shouldn’t ONLY be listening to Bob Dylan, as David Gray clearly has something new and different to show us when it comes to writing really good indie folk songs.

“Monsters In Rome” Physical CDs Ran Out

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That’s it, boys and girl. There are no more Physical CDs for my “Monsters In Rome” record left. I have released the record 15 months ago, and I have no more CDs left. That’s it!

You can still get the music by downloading it from my music page – it is absolutely free.

If you want to give me money anyway, you can do so by donating. I am really happy to receive donations, as I have more to spend on advertising and getting the word out there.

You can also share the music by choosing a player from the Share/Embed link on the music page. You should get a player something like the one above to share on your Facebook, blog or website. Thanks for the support!

As a bonus, I’ve put the ‘Jabulani‘ single back on the site for free download. In memory of the FIFA World Cup of 2010.

My Favorite Folk Musicians On Twitter

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Here’s a list of all the musicians that I follow on Twitter. Some of them aren’t very active, so I provided a short description to let you know what to expect.

Amanda Palmer
Oh, she’s tweeting the hell out of Twitter. She’s one of the coolest ones out there, so follow her no matter what!

The guys from Beirut sometimes tune in and they do reply from time to time to @mentions as well.

Bon Iver
I think someone else is running this account for Bon Iver but it is fun to follow nevertheless. Plus you get all the yummy info via Twitter. Can’t beat that!

David Gray
Run by the team! They actually specify that, so you don’t get the wrong idea. He’s such a gentleman.

The Bowerbirds
They are definitely worth following. They write their own tweets and they are very fun.

Bright Eyes
Mostly tour dates and promotional tweets from the band.

Fleet Foxes
I am quite sure it is them tweeting. And they are fun!

Iron & Wine
Tour dates and releases and other official stuff. Looks like Sam doesn’t like tweeting.

Jason Webley
Jason is quite active on Twitter. And he is also a cool musician, so I definitely recommend following.

Joseph Arthur
I see him tweet from time to time. I really think that is him.

Joe Purdy
Mostly promotion on Joe’s behalf – it would be nice to actually have him from time to time though.

Katie Melua
Not much going on on Katie’s Twitter feed. I really hope she will start using it soon.

Mumford & Sons
Mostly official stuff. Not much about their private lives on here, but they do reply to @mentions from time to time.

Norah Jones
Norah doesn’t like to tweet. I heard her say that in an interview once. She also said that her record company keeps trying to convince her to start. Hope they succeed.

The Low Anthem
I am not sure if it is them running this, but I like their music, so I am following for the info anyway.

Tom Waits
Official stuff. I don’t think Tom himself ever tweets… unfortunately.

And if you’ve made it this far, I wouldn’t mind if you would started following Indie Folker on Twitter as well. Thanks!

If you’ve been paying attention at all this year, you will know that we’ve attended the “Utcazene” Street Music Festival in Veszpém, Hungary this year. And by “WE” I mean myself and my girlfriend, Kinga, (you might know her as the creator of Liszto, our beloved webcomic) who has been kind enough to learn all of my repertoire in a just a few weeks.

First of all, we looked like this:

She accompanied me on all sorts of improvised instruments and also sang backing vocals on a few songs. And it was all great!

We also had some good friends from Austria drop by to catch our last performance and take these cool looking photos (not to mention: spread the word about the show on twitter and other social platforms once they got home – so thumbs up for that).

And the result:

(…we’ve made some cool new friends who bought us this delicious watermelon and came to all of our shows…)

All in all it, was a fun time, we’ve met some great people and we’ve seen some great bands perform. Hope to be attending Veszprém Utcazene Fesztivál in 2012 again, but there’s a lot to be done in the meantime.

Fist of all, in the next few months I will be producing my new album as well as preparing for another street music festival that will be held in September here in Transylvania.

…and I am thinking about taking a band with me this time…