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Best Indie Folk Albums Of 2011

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Update: I have published a new post about best albums of 2012 right here: Best Indie Folk Albums Of 2012

This list of albums is not at all like other indie charts, it is basically just my personal take on what new releases are worth the listen from some of the best indie folk bands and artists out there.

So here we go:

1. Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues
Helplessness Blues is a more powerful, and a lot more complex release than the amazing debut album from the Fleet Foxes. You will hear everything you’ve grown to like about this band, and even more. Definitely one of the top indie folk albums of the year!

2. Iron & Wine – Kiss Each Other Clean
Sam Beam is changing before our very… ears. On Kiss Each Other Clean he takes the band set-up from where he left it on The Shepherd’s Dog and takes it to a completely different universe.

3. Amos Lee – Mission Bell
Willie Nelson himself decided to drop in on this one. Nevertheless, Mission Bell is a good album allover even if we disregard the guest performers (Lucinda Williams and Calexico also appear). Amos Lee doesn’t offer any surprises, he just presents himself the way we’ve grown accustomed to. These are well written and carefully orchestrated songs that put you in a good mood. What more can I say?

4. The Decemberists – The King Is Dead
The King Is Dead is a very well written album, the production is meticulous and the songs are just great. This album is, in some sense, the kind I would aspire to write. As they claim themselves, The King Is Dead is probably the “most pastoral, rustic record The Decemberists have ever made”.

5. The Low Anthem – Smart Flesh
Personally, I have been waiting for this release. I’ve been counting the days until I can get my hands on it, dissect it to the bone and steal every note and word. The Low Anthem have recorded this album in a pasta sauce factory and… it sounds exactly like the album that you would record in such a place. Abandonment, slowly unfolding acoustic sounds, eerie, almost incantation-like, melodies and harmonies. This is what comes to mind, when you listen to Smart Flesh.

6. Beirut – The Rip Tide
I have become very familiar with Beirut’s music in the past year, and I have been expecting this new release. Beirut have matured into this sound that they now represent, and this is exactly what I was hoping and expecting to get from them. I wasn’t disappointed.

7. Noah And The Whale – Last Night On Earth
I have to admit, I didn’t like this band initially. Noah And The Wale just sounded like a bunch of wacky teenagers to me in the beginning. Naturally, this changed over time, I’ve grown quite close to some of their songs since then. One word of caution, though: this album might surprise you in ways you wouldn’t expect – right from the first track in fact.

8. Emmy The Great – Virtue
I wasn’t a big fan of Emmy The Great before all this, but Virtue got me hooked. The songwriting on this record is so unusually real, so intimate, so personal, so virtuous, so good!

9. Release The Sunbird – Come Back To Us
Many were surprised when Zach Rogue from Rogue Wave stepped out as Release The Sunbird. Personally, I thought Rogue Wave was a solo project with musicians involved, but I later found out, it grew into a full band – so Release The Sunbird is kind of his solo project, “but not really”. In any case, Come Back To Us is a fine album, with very well written music, carefully carved lyrics and strong melodies. It’s a songwriter’s delight.

10. Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Wolfroy Goes To Town
Will Oldham, otherwise known as Bonnie “Prince” Billy, has released a ton of material this year, so the anticipation for this release wasn’t that big on my part, but there are so many good songs on here, that I would have had to be a fool not to give it a listen. Oldham is one of the most outrageous indie folk singer-songwriters I’ve ever heard – ever – and he is in exceptional shape on this album. His talent as a songwriter sometimes overwhelms me.

Monsters In Rome

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Most musicians can get from one album to the next just like that. It seems like that is not the case with me. I have been promoting my “Monsters In Rome” record for more than a year now, though I have a few songs ready for recording already. There are more and more ideas coming that keep me in place, every other day there is a new thing that comes to mind which can be done with all the things associated with this record.

For once, we have Liszto, the webcomic for musicians with the latest episode (No. 13, mind you!), titled “The Inspiration“, which features the artwork of Monsters.

Liszto, The Inspiration

Also, I will be promoting some of the songs from the record in a series of live shows very soon now (September 16 and 17, that is). I also have to mention that I will be performing with two friends of mine, who will be accompanying me on base and drums. I am hoping for some really strong shows with the rhythm section backing me up like this!

I haven’t given up on the video for the song “Monsters In Rome” either. Ideas are still being tossed back and forth regarding as to how we will actually get this done, but it will be done, I’m sure.

That is it for now. We are working hard on the 4 shows we will be playing on the 16th and 17th, so I might not be able to blog about anything until then.


Some new shots in the photo gallery

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We’ve had so many photos taken at the Utcazene Festival in Veszprém, Hungary that I finally got myself to upload some fresh content to the Gallery. I’ve had some of these photos published on my Facebook page already, so you might have seen them.

Nevertheless, they’re here now, so check them out!

I would like to thank Endre-Szász Révai and Filius István for taking these shots and letting me use them. (I’ve noted the author of each photo below the embedded images so there would be no confusion regarding as to who took which shot.)

On The Streets Again This Summer

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EDIT: This news is now old news. I’ve blogged about the experience in my Journal. Read it!

I will be one of the 20 street musicians attending the Street Music Festival in Veszprém, Hungary this July. I realized last year that I really liked performing on the street, especially in the summer. I’ve played a few times on Upper St. in London last August and also in Hyde Park (between shows)… and it was great. I also took part in a smaller street music festival closer to my home in September and that was really cool too. So I thought I’d try to get to this festival in Hungary this year, just to amplify that feeling a little bit more.

Hopefully, I will have some video material to share afterwards – for those of you, who have no way of being there.

In the meantime, I am still thinking about taking part in that Word Record attempt that Hakan Libdo is overseeing.