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So much noise

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Every day I go online to check new releases on CdBaby, Bandcamp, Deezer, iTunes and every other digital outlet that I can, including Hype Machine and Submithub (artists will be more familiar with this one) – and it is baffling how much music there is out there. Almost frightening, I might add. How is a modern, indie musician to gain a following, get any attention whatsoever?

We have rapidly expanded the musical universe thanks to affordable recording equipment, online distribution and promotion. Not even mentioning DSLR cameras and the way they make music video production accessible to the crowds.

Some might say, there is no excuse anymore. In fact, there is! The result of all this is that there is so much noise out there, and so much good music, that it’s intimidating, to say the least.

I sometimes wonder if there is any place or need for more music anyway. Don’t we have more, much more, than we care to listen to anyway?

Bookstore Gig And Halloween Song Video

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I have wanted to do a show in a bookstore for a long time now. I don’t know why I never got around to it, but I will be performing a few songs this Thursday in my home town – in exactly such a place. I already have a few ideas of what I would LIKE it to be like – I guess, we will see the results afterward, as I will surely be posting some videos on Youtube.

My favorite singer-songwriters have been doing shows like this for as long as I remember, it would be very uncool (read: un-indie folk) of me not to give this a shot.

A few of my favorite videos of such events below:

Mumford & Sons did a Bookshop Session a while back

Beirut had their Tiny Desk Concert not long ago:

Alexi Murdoch played a record store session at Vinyl Fever – I know, this is not a bookstore, but it kind of feels the same

I am also about to record a video for this weeks Halloween super-search – that I very much expect to happen – on Youtube. I will most likely have that up for you by Wednesday, so stay close.

Episode 13 of Liszto, our very own web comic for musicians is out. Some definite traces of Indie Folker in there – and I think it won’t keep you guessing.

Word of the day: I*N*S*P*I*R*A*T*I*O*N.

Liszto, Episode 13 - The Inspiration

Last Chance To Download The Free Christmas EP!

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As promised, I will be taking down the ‘Monsters In The Christmas Album’ EP from the download page tomorrow night, so this is your last chance to get it for free!

I am glad to say that this was a successful campaign, the album has received a lot of airplay and it was downloaded by a lot of you during the holidays. So thanks a lot for that! I will do my best to have another seasonal release next year – but at this point I am not promising anything.

As far as indie (and commercial) Christmas music is concerned, there was a lot of that this year. And I mean a LOT. Still, my humble release has managed to stay afloat, and I am very optimistic starting out the new year thanks to it.

I am planing to record more songs this year, obviously, so there will be a lot of music here waiting for you. Please check back here for that and/or subscribe to my newsletter, keep track of my activities on Facebook or Twitter.

We will be launching a comic strip here on in March, so you might want to come back here for that also.

There are a lot of other plans for 2011, but this is as much as I am willing to share with you for now… this post was just about reminding you that this is the last chance to get my ‘Monsters In The Christmas Album’ anyway.