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Licensing Changes For My Music

Posted by admin On September - 9 - 2010 6 COMMENTS

Some of you might have noticed, I recently changed the licensing on both my “Monsters In Rome” record as well as the “Jabulani” song – from the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike to the more restrictive Attribution Non-Commercial license. I have tried for a long time to figure out which option would be best for me, and at the time I did choose the Attribution Share-Alike license over the Non-Commercial one for a good reason, I am now faced with no choice in the matter, but to restrict some aspects of licensing terms. I would like to explain myself in this post.

Before I continue, I would like to point out that ongoing projects will not be affected by the new licensing terms. These terms only apply after September 1st 2010.

Creative Commons is a wonderful thing. I think it’s a great, it’s the perfect tool for the times we live in. Anyway, the CC Attribution Share-Alike license, under which my songs were originally licensed, allowed free distribution and adaptation of the work under the condition of attributing it in the manner specified by me and re-distributing any resulting works under a similar license.
What this means is: you could copy or distribute the work in any way, you could adapt (build upon) the work any way you saw fit as long as you attributed the original author (moi) and you made your resulting works public under the same conditions. This included commercial use as well. I didn’t think this would be a bad idea, because the medium in which all recorded music is tossed around these days is very unclear about some things.
For example: if an mp3 blog were to post one of my tracks, who can decide if that constitutes a commercial or non-commercial use of the song? Truth is, the online medium is constantly evolving. More and more free content is made available while websites and blogs try to find new and more intuitive ways of monetizing their efforts. One can easily see why this gets complicated with a restrictive license, like the Non-commercial one. I didn’t want to get in the way of my music being promoted, it was as simple as that.
So why change licenses now?
Along with the world wide web the music industry – especially the indie music scene – is also rapidly changing. Let’s face it, music is free on the internet. I am sure anyone can download all of my songs without paying for them if they so choose. I am totally clear with that. But there still are some means of making money with your music, asides from selling it to whoever is willing to pay.
That money tree has two major branches – licensing and mechanical rights. While licensing (for use in TV Shows, ads, documentaries, background music for events, websites or whatever) can still be achieved with a non-restrictive CC license, I can’t collect any mechanical royalties, because with all CC licenses that allow commercial use of the work I’d have to waive any such rights. Now if someone would plug one of my songs to a hit TV show (like Grey’s Anatomy or something :P) I would be missing out on a lot of revenue. This is because when a performance rights organization collects mechanical royalties on your behalf, that would count as a super bonus on top of the licensing fee you would get for that feature.
You see, I would have to miss out on all that. Which I wouldn’t really mind… if I could do the licensing work myself. Unfortunately, for this I would have to become an agent – and I’d rather stay a musician – and the people who will be trying to land me such opportunities from now on, will be taking half of my cut. So I decided to keep collecting the mechanical royalties, just to stay afloat. Hope you understand and won’t hold it against me.

On a final note: I am still a reasonable person so don’t fret to drop me a line if you have anything at all to say about this. Would be happy to hear from you. 🙂

Let’s Work @ It Together!

Posted by admin On September - 2 - 2010 1 COMMENT

Time to get back to business – now that school is about to start again – and I am off the tour wagon for a while. (Not for very long though, I will be going to Italy and back to the UK again very shortly :)). Until then, however…
Some of you might know the song “Work @ It Together” off my “Monsters In Rome” record. If not, it’s the one below. Listen, and read on…

<a href="" >Work @ It Together by Indie Folker</a>

I need a video made for this. It needs to be real indie, we will be using budget DSLR cameras with video capability to record and produce. No moneys, just people. What we need is ideas, scripts, decorations, whatever you can think of to make this happen. Animations, web technology, anything goes, any idea, no matter how unlikely it is to work. If you think you can help, send us an email, let us know what you had in mind or how you could contribute. It can be a live take, it can be a studio vid, anything, anything at all is perfect. Just let us know!
So come on, let’s work @ this together, yeah?

UK August Tour

Posted by admin On August - 9 - 2010 1 COMMENT

Hey Folks! I will be playing and sightseeing in the UK starting from the 13th of August. I intend to meet up with a few musical people while I’m there, so I kindly invite you to come and see me play, chat or jam along on one of the events I will be attending.

– On the 16th of August I will be playing at the Hope & Anchor in London, big thanks to Bugbear Bookings for that one. The Feud and The Fallows are the bands I will be sharing the stage with. I can’t wait to play at this event. So come along and see me there!

– My second half-hour slot in London will be on the 19th of August at The King’s Head. A FiftyFive Music event. Kirsty Fuller, Sands Duo and Valerio Mattei will aslo be playing.

– On the 20th of August I will be playing at the Blue Cat Cafe in Manchester together with Jack and Ben Dalby. Folks of Manchester, hope to see you in great numbers!

– On the 23rd of August I will be back in London again at (UPDATE) Dingwalls for Antz In The Jam. Annie Eve and I will be playing feature sets after the Jam Session.

Aside from these events, I will also be performing at several showcases with fewer songs, meeting up with songwriters and performers, jamming and generally trying to have a good time.

I will most likely be performing a few songs at:

The Ship in London on the 13th of August.
The George (London) on the 15th.
Elixir Bar (London) on the 17th.
The Gallery Caffe (London) on the 18th.

For the longer sets try and catch one of the events at the top. For chatting, interviews and a general good time I am always available. 🙂

That’s right. My Monsters In Rome will be featured this Thursday (July 8th), 6PM-8PM GMT on the wonderful The Painter’s Radio Show on the London-based Xtream East Radio. Check it out! It is a really cool show, for those of you who haven’t been listening. So keep your ears open and you might even get addicted. Hehe.

You can listen online, just head on over to to XStream Radio’s Website, you have the LISTEN LIVE button on the top right side of the page.