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I didn’t know if I should mark this on the Upcoming Shows section of the site, because it’s such a borderline event. The thing is, I will be attending the Hometaping Playback Party held at Betsy Trotwood, London on the 8th December, but not in person, as you might expect. Instead, I will perform a couple of songs off my ‘Monsters In The Christmas Album’ (which you are still free to download) and talk a bit about the record via Skype. There will be a whole bunch of other performers attending, some live, some streamed, like myself, and the entire event will be streamed again online, so you can tune in if you are interested. I will edit this post for info on where to watch the stream. This much I know: the event starts at 8 pm, London time, and it will go on until about 11 pm. I will be performing sometime after 9 pm. If you happen to be in London, head on down to Betsey Trotwood for a fun time!

Link to the Hometaping Playback Party stream:

Indie Folker @ Street Music Festival – Busker Video

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I have attended a street music festival last weekend. Here’s a rendition of “Be A Wolf” that I performed there, amongst many other songs. Hope you enjoy it. You can also find the video on the Indie Folker YouTube Channel as well as on It will be uploaded to Facebook as well, so you can easily share it if you want.

Indie Folker – Be A Wolf (On The Street) – Video from Indie Folker on Vimeo.

In the meantime we are still working on a video for “Work @ It Together” to which you can always contribute by donating or by spreading the word…

UK Tour, So Far…

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Shows left on this tour:
– The King’s Head tonight (19th), London
– Blue Cat Cafe (20th), Manchester
– Dingwalls(23rd), London.

Places I’ve played so far (in London):
– @ The Silver Bullet yesterday night I saw a bunch of great talent, I really enjoyed being there. It’s a really great venue for live music. I will definitely be back there for more.
– On Tuesday I was at the Elixir Bar, met Dave, he was real nice, and saw a few amazing performers. The Elixir Bar is a wonderful venue for acoustic music.
– On Monday I played @ the infamous Hope & Anchor. I met The Fallows and The Feud, two wonderful bands. Not a large audiance, but the general atmosphere made up for that, I think.
– On Sunday I played at The George, it was a real relaxed atmosphere, this venue is also great for acoustic live music. Met Andy there, we played well into the night.
– On Friday I was at The Ship, it was a real treat. Saw some nice performers and met some real nice people. Carl was an incredible host, James played acoustic blues, Adam played afro-fusion, Claire was promoting her record in the UK – she was from Australia – Some Random Homeboy got real groovy with some originals. I tried my best, but there were some good songs that, heh.


UK August Tour

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Hey Folks! I will be playing and sightseeing in the UK starting from the 13th of August. I intend to meet up with a few musical people while I’m there, so I kindly invite you to come and see me play, chat or jam along on one of the events I will be attending.

– On the 16th of August I will be playing at the Hope & Anchor in London, big thanks to Bugbear Bookings for that one. The Feud and The Fallows are the bands I will be sharing the stage with. I can’t wait to play at this event. So come along and see me there!

– My second half-hour slot in London will be on the 19th of August at The King’s Head. A FiftyFive Music event. Kirsty Fuller, Sands Duo and Valerio Mattei will aslo be playing.

– On the 20th of August I will be playing at the Blue Cat Cafe in Manchester together with Jack and Ben Dalby. Folks of Manchester, hope to see you in great numbers!

– On the 23rd of August I will be back in London again at (UPDATE) Dingwalls for Antz In The Jam. Annie Eve and I will be playing feature sets after the Jam Session.

Aside from these events, I will also be performing at several showcases with fewer songs, meeting up with songwriters and performers, jamming and generally trying to have a good time.

I will most likely be performing a few songs at:

The Ship in London on the 13th of August.
The George (London) on the 15th.
Elixir Bar (London) on the 17th.
The Gallery Caffe (London) on the 18th.

For the longer sets try and catch one of the events at the top. For chatting, interviews and a general good time I am always available. 🙂