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So much noise

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Every day I go online to check new releases on CdBaby, Bandcamp, Deezer, iTunes and every other digital outlet that I can, including Hype Machine and Submithub (artists will be more familiar with this one) – and it is baffling how much music there is out there. Almost frightening, I might add. How is a modern, indie musician to gain a following, get any attention whatsoever?

We have rapidly expanded the musical universe thanks to affordable recording equipment, online distribution and promotion. Not even mentioning DSLR cameras and the way they make music video production accessible to the crowds.

Some might say, there is no excuse anymore. In fact, there is! The result of all this is that there is so much noise out there, and so much good music, that it’s intimidating, to say the least.

I sometimes wonder if there is any place or need for more music anyway. Don’t we have more, much more, than we care to listen to anyway?

Some new friends around the web…

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Some nice people around the web took the time to give my songs a listen and share it with their readers.
So go and spread the love, visit their sites, they might just become your to-go webspaces for indie folk news and music. Yep.

1. Largehearted Boy shared “Monsters In Rome” and “Afraid Not Scared” in the Daily Downloads section alongside some really cool bands. A bunch of folks came over to to check me out thanks to this.

2. The Mad Mackerel had a few nice words to say in the last Round-up where they also had two of my songs posted. It’s the coolest indie music blog with a fish in it, yep.

3. Faronheit‘s Pick Your Poison has introduced me to a few very nice acts out there in the indie world, so I couldn’t be more thrilled to have been picked last Wednesday.

4. Walk Between The Lines is a Tumblr blog run by Martijn, a music lover with great taste from Rotterdam. You could spend hours here, so be warned!

I get my inside info about who posted what about Indie Folker by the means of Google Analytics and Alerts, I don’t really have any other means of finding out if anyone else wrote about me or has posted any of my music so I encourage you to contact me if you happen to read this and let me know so I can return the favor by posting a link right back. And if you do run a blog or a Facebook page or whatever please feel free to post my stuff, offer whatever music I’m currently offering for a free download, embed my YouTube videos, anything you like. Who knows? You might just get an extra reader or two ;).

P.S.: Don’t forget, I am currently offering the “Monsters In Rome” record for free, but only until the 1st of November, so head on over to the music page, and get it right now!

That is right! If you head on over to the music section of the Indie Folker website, you can download my “Monsters In Rome” album for free for a limited amount of time or until the number of downloads reaches 500. That is it! If you like the songs, if you took the time to listen to them, you can now download all of the record for absolutely free until the 1st of November (or until the number of free downloads reaches 500). Hurry up if you like it, and definitely tell your friends!

Jabulani Ball Parody (Free Download)

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The Adidas Jabulani ball is the official match ball for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The word Jabulani means “rejoice” in Zulu. Adidas has payed many footballers to say the Jabulani is a good ball, though complaints against it from both players and goalkeepers are many. The ball is said to be very light, difficult to predict and even more difficult to control. Adidas refuses to acknowledge the mistake and on several occasions has had different spokesmen blame the players for incompetence.

<a href="" >Jabulani (Adidas Ball Parody) by Indie Folker</a>

This is my contribution to the FIFA World Cup 2010. Feel free to download the song, use it on any project you wish, even commercial, I will allow it all.

There is also a video in the making, so make sure to check back here on the site or on the Indie Folker YouTube channel later this week for that.

The Jabulani is not the first ball to have caused such a response as the official ball of the 2006 FIFA World Cup, the Teamgeist was also known to be somewhat unpredictable. Not as much as the Jabulani however. There are some very good YouTube videos demonstrating this exact thing. Check them out by clicking here.