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Hello, dear friends!

Listen to one of the songs from the soon to be released Indie Folker record, titled “The Crack (Musical)” below:

Indie Folker – In The Dumpster Light | The Crack Musical | Mickey’s Song

I will be releasing this record containing the music I wrote for the “Fisura” play (to be presented on stage here in Cluj, Transylvania on the 14th of March – written by Flavius Lucăcel and directed by Victor Olăhuţ) and I am feeling rather nervous about how people will react to it. It’s an awkward feeling, because I never get that way before a release.

Songs for the play were written in Romanian, but I translated them for the album – I might just have an extra track in the original Romanian, but I haven’t yet decided.

Working on this project was like an obsession for me. I took serious time off from my work to get things done, and I have had music running in my head all day long – no matter what I did.

It is something I never did before. Wow. A musical. Other people singing my songs on stage… and it’s practically theater… where everything has to have it’s place in the play… It is generally a bigger project than a regular album. You have to approach the entire thing from a totally different perspective. It’s training that I very much enjoyed – and still do.

The good thing about being an indie musician, just a singer-songwriter, is that there is not much pressure when something like this happens. I’m not going to waste anyone’s money if I screw up (I’m not saying I ever do, haha) but there’s no big shot producer to make all the fine adjustments either… so you have to write good songs to get away with it… and I always try to write songs that I don’t have to defend after I release them. It’s good practice.

You can still download the song we did with The Wonder Fools, titled “Why?”. There is more Indie Folker & The Wonder Fools music coming in May and June, so you might want to come back for that.

Halloween Song And Video Attempt

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Those of you who are connected to my Indie Folker channel on YouTube, already know that my Halloween song video is live. I wrote briefly about this in my last post, and I’m happy I could deliver. I will most likely have more videos up soon, so please subscribe to my Youtube channel to be informed.

Here’s a direct subscribe link, for the lazy ones:

I will most likely have some new video material from the two gigs that I will be doing this week, which I will also upload, plus: we are preparing a new song and video with my band, so I strongly advise you to keep an eye on my Youtube channel.

Here’s that direct subscribe link again, for the really lazy ones:

Indie folk at its best? Well, you tell me! Comment below, comment on the video, wherever you want. Make yourself heard! I am listening…

If you want to give a struggling artist a chance, share my stuff. Share my Halloween vid with your friends on Facebook or show it to your children. There’s a load of stuff you can do, but sharing my videos and spreading the word about me on social platforms is a good enough start. I will upgrade you to super-duper-intendent (just learned that from Simpsons) of PR if you do good on this first assignment!