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The Indie Folker Christmas Album Very Close To Completion

Posted by admin On November - 20 - 2010

I have been working hard on making the ‘Monsters In The Christmas Album’ in the last few weeks – as I have plastered this information on every profile and webspace available to me, I’m very sure most of you know this. This and the fact that it will be out on December 1st and it will be a free download. Anyway, it was the most fast-paced recording marathon I’ve ever been involved in. Please read on, I will keep it short.

Initially, I wanted six songs for the record, so the task was to actually write and record one song per week. With only six weeks before the release, I later realized I had to work even faster than anticipated to have time for mastering as well. For those not familiar with the terms associated with music recording, mastering is done AFTER the record is fully recorded and mixed. What this meant is that I had to finish one week in advance to actually have time to master the thing properly. And if all that wasn’t enough, I wanted a video as well, so that bumped me back a few days also.
You can see why I had my hands full, I hope. Seriously, I’ve had nightmares thanks to this. BUT I am proud and glad to say: I’ve finished the last song today, so there is still plenty of time to do the mastering and any corrections required. Phew, right? Now, if only I could make it so all the artwork would be done in time too…

The working titles for the songs at this point (not necessarily in the order they will appear on the record):
1. Christmas Song
2. The Eyes, The Beard, The Nose, The Stomach, The Lungs
3. To Get Away From Everything
4. God, Is Christmas Time A Dream?
5. Taste Like Candy
6. Christmas Is A-lookin’ Good

Come back here on the 1st of December if you want to get some really alternative Christmas songs for free. And tell your family and friends, OK? 🙂

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