Scruffy, Indie folk-rock from Transylvania

Indie Folker – In The Dumpster Light

“In The Dumpster Light” by Transylvanian singer-songwriter Indie Folker is a song from “The Crack (Musical)” – an indie musical by the unsigned Transylvanian artist after the play “Fisura” by author Flavius Lucăcel. The video is a re-arrangement of some old rural civil defense TV spots from 1965.

Indie Folker – Afraid Not Scared

After changing our minds a gazillion times, we’ve decided to make this the video for “Afraid”. It is basically some old amateur footage from the time of the Great Depression, mashed together in a way to complement the story of the song or something. I think it’s fun to watch.

Indie Folker – The Eyes, The Beard, The Nose, The Stomach, The Lungs

In spirit of the Holidays and in support of the re-release of “Monsters In The Christmas Album”, here’s a music video starring a puppet for the original Christmas song “The Eyes, The Beard, The Nose, The Stomach, The Lungs” by unsigned Transylvanian singer-songwriter, Indie Folker.

Indie Folker – Personal Disaster

A live take of Indie Folker’s song “Personal Disaster” shot in a wine cellar somewhere in the middle of somewhere. The song will be included on the soon-to-be released first album “Monsters In Rome” by Indie Folker – shortly available on iTunes, CdBaby, and many other outlets.

Indie Folker – Down Slow

I’ve decided to keep with the times and record myself playing acoustic songs in a controlled environment (like my room, with an umbrella and a piece of cloth with fish on it in the background). Anyway, this song is included on my first album, “Monsters In Rome”. Enjoy!

Indie Folker – Where Kindness Be

I wanted to write an original Halloween song,an indie folk song, not just a tune about monsters and pumpkins and people on drunk escapades. I think I never wrote such a depressing tune, so I think it fits the mood of Halloween quite nicely. I really like the vibe of this one!

Indie Folker – Cold Sun

Cold Sun isn’t available on the Monsters In Rome record by Indie Folker, it will however be included on the future live record, planned for release later this year. In the meantime try to enjoy this crappy live take, as hopefully a better sounding one will be made public shortly.

Indie Folker – No Action

No Action is part of the “Monsters In Rome” album by Indie Folker. This is a live take from a college TV studio rehearsal show. Some friends of mine asked me to do this even before I thought about naming this project “Indie Folker”. I made up some bogus name for the show.